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A beeping sound was heard among the sleeping couple in their king size bed where one of them got up and sat on the bed as they waited for the rest of their body woke up, “5am” The other person laid in bed groggily and wearily said before falling back to sleep with their pillow covering their face. Yawning and still feeling groggy, the now awoke one entered the bathroom and faced the mirrored cabinet to show her pale cream face as she wiped the sleep from under her hazel eyes, “I really hope today going to a quiet day” she muttered as she collected her hairbrush from the cabinet and brushed it downwards on her bedslept black hair. After seven minutes of brushing her hair smooth as it reaches to the bottom of her neck as she watched her husband who was still sleeping in bed, “March going to be completely smashed today from work” she thought as she undresses herself of her bed clothes that was mostly of a PJ top and panties before entering the shower. The warm soon to turn hot water hit her mild curvy body and she planned for today after she finish her shift at the hospital, the water relaxed her as she begins soaped herself all around her arms, her D sized breasts, her udders and legs with her favourite bar of lavender soap. She heard yawning again from March and this time the bed springs made some noise as he got up and off the bed to the bathroom, “…..Morning Babe” He tirelessly mumbled as he collected his toothbrush and paste from the cabinet. Wilma looked at him as she rinsed her body, how a 26-year-old holstaur like herself manage to be in a relationship with a 24-year old African American mechanic she wondered as she finally washed the last of the lather on her body and turned off the shower, “Morning dear, your neck keeping you awake?” She asked him as she got out the shower and grabbed the nearest towel to dry herself as she walked slowly behind him and wrapped one of her arms around his slightly toned chest while her other arm was holding up the towel, March smiled while his sleepless eyes looked at the mirror so he can see her behind him, “How about tonight as an idea, I won’t empty my breasts and udders of milk so you got something soft to rest your neck and you have can sleep a bit better March” Wilma laid her head on the left side on his shoulder as she softly whispered into his ear but March grumbled as he sighted and looked at the sink to wash his mouth out of toothpaste, “I love to but….. The boss wants me to do all night shift on the muscle car he going to flip at the auction in two days”. She saw that he didn’t want to go today but had to in order of getting the rent money ready for next month.

She nodded on his shoulder and kiss him on the neck before leaving the bathroom to get dress in her nurse’s uniform and walked downstairs to the kitchen, she eyed the clock where it revealed to be 5.30am. Wilma grabbed some slice of bread and placed them in the toaster and as she waited for the toaster, she grabbed the milk pump from the cupboard and a three large thick glass bottles with screwable caps from the dishwasher and undid her uniform top and tailor made trousers. She heard March walking around upstairs as she attached the first pump to her teat and as she attached another one, March came into the kitchen wearing a navy shirt with his oiled and dirty mechanic trousers and black boots, “It’s only 5.36am March” she blindly told him as she finally attached the last pump to her breast and started the machine which whirred quietly but once in a every second did a kluck sound, As Wilma closed her eyes from the soft sucking pressure of the pumps, March could hear her slowly mooing as she laid her head back in her chair. March chuckled as he grabbed the nearest small plate on the drainer and collected the nearly burned toast for Wilma and placed it next to her as he kissed her neck in lover’s payment for earlier up in the bathroom, “I love you Wilma” he quietly spoke as he wrapped his arms around the chair and Wilma body. She moved her head next to his and opened her eyes to see him, “I love you too dear” she warmly smiled as she moved her hands over her body to hold his arms. They stayed like that for ten minutes until Wilma looked at the time and sighted in disbelieve, “Ok March, I see you later” she unhooked her hands from his and started to undo all the pumps from her breasts and udders which caused her to moan from the suction that they still had and started to button up her trousers and uniform just as March fitted the lids on the bottles to help save her time and handed her the burned cold toast but she shook her head in decline and with March help, they loaded the three fully filled now even heavier glass bottles in the back seats of her Mint green mini cooper and kissed March on the lips before they departed to their jobs. Nearing the Saint George Hospital, the traffic was horrific as Wilma was trapping on the steering wheel in anger and the news on the radio was not helping the mood either, her phone on the passenger seat lit up with one of her co-worker face and number ringing her as she gritted her teeth in stress, “Yes Saturn?” She coughed as she answered, “I’m nearly there” she held the carhorn for a few seconds just as the traffic lights went amber and the driver in front took their time accelerating forward. She ended the short call as the lights turned red just as she slowly reaches the hospital gate.

Wilma arrived in the maternity ward after 20 minutes, she was carrying the two of the three jars in both arms as she walked down the corridor where she saw Saturn, an orange busty tabby cat woman in her early thirties in the corridor on her own waiting for her, “Thank you for covering Emma shift today Wilma, you’re a lifesaver” she grabbed one of the glass bottles off from Wilma, “It not a *Yawn* problem Saturn” they started to walked thought the corridor, “Emma had to leave immediately, Family problems back in Ireland” She told Wilma where she raised a concerned eyebrow to her, “How everything alright” She replied where Saturn nodded, “With her not here, you’re the second next person to ask” which Wilma just shook her head in agreement as she and Emma were the only two female holstaurs in the hospital. They reached to the end of the corridor and entered a room where it had a window to the next room, Saturn flicked the lights on and the both rooms lit up mildly bright, the other room was filled with small cots, some were filled with little infants and three nurses, a male human and two females which one was a dog woman came into the room and carefully looking after them as they sleep. Saturn and Wilma was watching them while carefully filling a specialist machine with Wilma that filled multiple milk bottles at once, “Today we only got twenty-four infants today in this ward” Saturn restocked the empty bottles with the filled bottles while Wilma just watch the infants all sleeping or being changed by the nurses until Saturn nudged her on her shoulder, “That the seventh time I see you look at the bundles of joys this past week, You and March still trying for a baby hmmm Wilma?”. Wilma exhaled deeply before breathing normal as she replied back, “Actually we stopped awhile back after we can learned that I’m infertile, the clinic discovered that I’ve have a faulty gene…” she sat on the chair as she slowly begin to tear up, “Just hearing them saying that really heartbreaking as we always wanted a child, even our parents were looking forward to becoming grandparents……” she stopped again as she remembered the sour memories of calling March father and telling him the bad news before ending the call and dialling up her parents and repeating the same bad news to them. Saturn watched as her best mate just sat there in front of her crying her eyes so she stopped her task of filling up the bottles and stood by her with her arms drape over her shoulder and stroked her fingers over Wilma hands, “hey hey” she spoke softly to her, “I was just curious that all, I didn’t mean to upset you”. Wilma nodded her head, “I-it ok Saturn, I d-didn’t tell you nor Mikey” she dried her eyes with her arm and Saturn stopped her fingers from stroking her hands and went back to the machine to continue filling up the rest of the empty bottles until she heard the machine beeping and the amber light was flashing, “Did you bring any more of your milk?” she looked at Wilma whom just now stood up and placing the filled bottles in the two way fridge so the nurses in the other room can use for the infants later.

“Yeah, I have one more in my car Saturn, I go get it” she briefly looked at Saturn then at the nurses and the infants before leaving the room and quickly jogged thought the corridor and as she jogged, her udders and breasts bounced every few seconds from the impact from her feet hitting the ground. “Wilma!” A voice shouted from the split in the corridor before a tanned short man in a janitors uniform appeared, “Sorry Mikey, I’m quite busy, I talk to you at lunch” she brushed past him moments after he side step so he won’t get a heavy set Holstuar straight towards him, “Alright” he yelled down the corridor before continuing walking to his job carrying a broom. After eight minutes of jogging to the carpark where she took a breather by the side of her mini as she looked at the traffic lights to see if the traffic would be bad when she leaves later, “Some good luck I need” she grinned as she saw only little traffic going thought the sector, a few cars were also entering the hospital carpark as well as one or two vehicles leaving, She opened the car door to her mini and had to move her bosoms out of the way so she could receive the third milk filled bottle from the back seats of her car which after a few minutes with some trouble of her boobs of keeping getting in the way she finally manage to get the glass bottle and set everything back to her original position and closed the door but she saw something in the corner of her eye and try to look in the direction but whatever she saw disappeared, “Must be my mind playing tricks on me” she thought to herself before re-entering the hospital and made her way back to Saturn where she was waiting impatiently for her, “You took long enough”. Wilma just gave her the glass bottle and restock the two-way fridge, “Blame these” she pointed at her breasts which Saturn just smirked and looked at Wilma while undoing her uniform to show her six equal large breasts, “You were saying?” and redo her uniform top but her argument was counter by Wilma holding up her nearly full udders which they stared at each other for a few silence moments before they both cracked up and begin laughing like mad women, “Can’t believe we just did that Saturn” she spoke in mild high pitch while her eyes were slowly tearing up as she leaned back into the chair while Saturn was nearly on the floor, they stayed like that until one of the nurses banged on the window and the two women looked at the nurse and continue to giggle like a couple of schoolchildren while resuming their job. “Sorry Dingo” Saturn & Wilma said in unison while trying to stop laughing and pretend to act normal to them but the nurse just rolled his eyes before going back to looking after the infants. “We so going to be in trouble” Saturn mocked a teenage voice as she refilled the machine which Wilma had to hold her mouth to stop laughing.

Later at lunch, Saturn and Wilma were at the cafeteria where Mikey arrived to see them, “Hey girls” He said as she approaches them with his tray filled only with bottled water and a cereal bar. “On your break, Mike?” Saturn asked the janitor as he sat down next to Wilma, “Just taking fifteen minutes before I continue Saturn” he replied before taking a sip of water, As the three were making a convention, Wilma focus was diverted by something in the other side of the cafeteria and looked to see what it was but again it disappeared before she had a chance to see it, “Ok, I can’t be imagining that” she muttered to herself before Saturn snapped her back into to their convention where she heard Mikey giggling, “So how the Minotaur?” She asked Wilma in a such tone that Mikey nearly chocked and Wilma punched her arm, “CHEEK!”. Some of the staff briefly looked at the trio before resuming their lunch or talking to other people, “He fine, just still having his neck problems and refusing to go to the doctors to check it out”. “Typical Males” Mikey intervened and the two women looked at him, “What?” he took a bite of the cereal bar, “Anyway how’s Zack Mikey?” Wilma changed the topic to something else and asked Mikey before looking at the time, “He’s doing great, He at his job interview today at the local vets”. “That good” Saturn replied, “Yeah, I hope he gets the job” Wilma added. “Thank you, guys, I tell him when I’m off shift” He checked his watch and got up where he mouthed “See you later” as he waved bye to them as he continued his job. Wilma looked at the cafeteria clock and back to Saturn where she was talking about her husband and how he being an idiot until she was interrupted by her beeper and got up, “Alright, I got to go, Dingo is having some trouble with the nappies, we finish our chat later”. “Sure” Wilma replied and watched Saturn leaving, “I hope March not overdoing himself at work” she sighted as she kinda felt alone since she was due to left at 2pm and it was slowly reaching it. As she checking her phone to pass the time, she could feel a tingling vibe from her udders and breasts, “I’m not due why I’m feeling like this?” she thought to herself and try to think of something else but remembered the first time she had this feeling when she and March made love for the first time and how they enjoy the night of March sucking her udders and her caressing his muscles but then after that they could do the enjoy the simple way of making out with other before March neck plays up. Wilma bit her lip to focus herself and decided to leave now before the tingling feeling got more stronger, “What causing this?” she was quick stepping thought the corridor and walked pass some doctors, “Careful Miss. Flint” one of them spoke. She was just as the hospital entrance doors when the tingling sensation gotten stronger and she high tailed it to her car where she buckled up and try to take a few deep breaths so she can try to think cause this, “I only had this when March suckled my nipples and teats” she wondered and breathed heavily as the tingling gotten worse which she remembered thought the mixture of feelings about the pumping machine she was using this morning, “That thing? How that the cause, that seven-year-old thing never had that couldn’t done this can it?” her fingers was now jittering and tapping on the steering wheel while her other hand was tapping on her knee and slowly nearing her udders. “Got to go before I make a screen” she started her mini and quickly drove out the hospital carpark and toward home.

As she arrived home at 2.45pm, she quickly entered the kitchen as she stripped off her uniform top and pulled out the pumping machine to inspect it, “Has March fixed it?” she checked the sides and the switches before the tingling feeling on her udders got to the points that she had to bite her lip so she can concentrate and steadily placed the suction cups on her breasts and turned on the machine so she can get rid of the tingling on her breasts while at the same time took off her trouser and attached the rest of the pumps to her udders and sat on the kitchen chair that was nearest to her as she rest her head back while the tingling was quietly subsiding from her teats, “Oooooooo” how she moaned before it turned to quiet mooing sound, she stayed like that before she looked at the machine and notice that it was half full of her milk so she turned the machine off and waited for the suction force to subside before taking them off, “Well oddly it…..” she was suddenly interrupted by a tap on the kitchen window and she quickly saw something before it moved away from her window just as she grabbed her purple shirt from the wash basket to cover herself as she ran into her small paved garden, “SHOW YOURSELF!” she ordered while half covered and waited for a few minutes before sighted heavily and went back into her kitchen and scratched her head while making a drink, “Whatever that was, got to tell March” she spoke to herself as she bolted the backdoor while the kettle was boiling. It was 4pm when Wilma was in the living room watching TV when she heard the front door opened which made her jump until a friendly voice spoke out and she relaxed on the sofa, “Hey babe” March entered the hallway branding an ice pack on his neck while a fresh cut on his cheek, “March, why your home early?” she questioned him as she thought he be working late, “The boss told me to leave after an incident with the new trainee’s hence this” he pointed to the cut on his cheek. She tutted as she rolled her eyes, “It’s a good thing you here” she got up from the sofa and walked up to him, “An hour ago, someone or something was watching me while I was in the kitchen” she held his hand while her other hand was gently hovering over his cut before they walked into the kitchen and he threw the ice pack into the sink, “I locked the backdoor just in case” she added as he grabbed a small wrench from his back pocket and unlocked the backdoor, “what you doing?” she asked as she watched him entering the back garden but he didn’t answer and spend a few minutes looking around for anything that the intruder could dropped when they left but nothing, “If this happens again, call the police” He rebolted the backdoor and looked at his wife, “I do a check all the windows and doors tonight” which she nodded and sighted before she remembered what she wanting to ask, “Did you by any chance fixed my pump machine?”, March just smiled at her, “I notice how it was becoming less effective over the years we been together so last week when you was at work, I thought I replace some parts on the motor. It’s better than buying a new one” hearing what March did, she just smiled and wrapped her arms around him, “It something small I can do to help” he added to his previous statement until she pushed him on to the chair where he held his neck after a somewhat bad landing, “Careful Wilma” he said as he watched her walk around him while she took off her shirt and he suddenly felt her chest on his neck and back, “Well since your home early and you been a wonderful husband, I’m going to make you feel special” she spoked as she cooed, He crossed his arm and smiled too as they know how little things make them happy.

She stepped on the chair back support to give her height as she rest her breasts on his shoulder to warm them while she massage his arms, “Well I thought you going to do this when we’re in bed babe” he moved his head up so he could see her eyes, “Think of it as an early reward” she answered back before she kissed him on his forehead, “And I’m going to produce more milk in a few minutes time as I half-filled the machine”. He nodded and slowly as she continued to massage him, he felted her breasts were getting heavier on his shoulder and she could feel her udders were pushing her back away from the chair but she didn’t want to interrupted this moment for them both so she ignored it. Moments later while Wilma was massaging March foreheads, the chair was creaking from the now so slowly milk filled breasts and udders of Wilma and it was also tilting backwards until the one sided weight was too much for the chair and the back legs broke apart sending Wilma to land first on the kitchen floor and March landed on her udders which caused Wilma to moo loudly while his head was in between her breasts and he could felt something wet spreading from underneath his clothes and as well slowly pouring his shortcut hair and he just stayed there until Wilma finished lactating over him and other the kitchen floor until she collapsed to one side as she quietly saying moo. March carefully got up to his feet from his fleshly pillow and looked at his wife who eyes were closed and continuing saying moo in a quiet tone and his shook his head, “Like the first time we made out” he thought and softly chuckled while he moved his arms underneath Wilma and picked her up, “Still too much to handle babe?” he asked a one-sided question to her but no reply, He reached the bedroom and laid Wilma on her side of the bed before he made his way back downstairs to clean up the kitchen floor and changed out of his milk stained work clothes in a pair of  camo short and white vest. He looked at the clock after mopping up and walked to their bedroom just to see Wilma waking up and looked at him with groggy eyes, “How you feeling babe?” He asked as she sat up rubbering her udders, “Empty and sore but nice” she replied as March sat next to her on the bed, “How long was I out for?” she looked at the time revealing to be 5.13pm and she sighted, “An hour?” she looked at March who just smiled at her before chuckling, “Better than the first time when you were out for nearly three hours and I had to wait delay our taxi so you had the energy to move”. March changed the mood for Wilma just to face palm herself and joined him into laughing at the memory, “Oh don’t remind me, the hotel manager send us the cleaning bill.” She shook her head to that, “Lucky it was not expensive”. They laughed at the other times they were together and little incidents she caused but how they manage to fix it together. The time was now 6pm when they looked at the clock and they were embraced in each other arms and their heads on each other shoulders, “I love you dear” she whispered into his ear where he replied, “I love you too babe. I go and order us some take-out” he got up from the bed but heard Wilma trying not to laugh, “What is it?” he asked but looked down to see his vest stained with spots from Wilma breasts and udders, “Right you shower while I change my clothes again”. He exited the bedroom while Wilma smirked as she entered the bathroom. The door knocked as Wilma jogged downstairs wearing just a training bra and specially made skirt, she opened the door to see the delivery man in a biker helmet and March walked up behind her handing over the money and grabbed the bag. “Thank you” she said as the delivery man walked off as she closed the door. “What you ordered?” she asked March as he set up a plate, “I got a Chicken Korma while I got your usual”. While they ate, they were talking about Wilma day at work as well as the incident at March job until another knock on the door happened which sounded abit weaker.

“I get it March” she said as she walked to the door and opened it to see if any of the children playing a daft game with her, “Hmmmmm” she thought as she looked around but couldn’t find anyone and was about to close the door until she heard a tiny sneeze near her and she looked down to see a cardboard box with a red blanket and a note on top, “March, can you come here please” she shouted as she picked up the box and saw two tiny grey wolf ears poking out the edge of the blanket which she moved apart of the blanket over to see a baby wolf casually sleeping. March walked over to her and saw the baby wolf, “What the?” he stared at the infant and looked at Wilma, “I’m much as surprized as you are” she saw the baby moved and nearly opened it eyes to them. She motions her head to March to pick up the letter while she picked the baby wolf out of it improvised cradle and took the infant inside while March locked the door and followed the two to the kitchen. “What the letter say?” she asked while her newly motherly instincts kicked in and cradled the baby wolf, March unfolded the letter and quietly read the letter to himself as best he can due to the bead handwriting before looking at Wilma with a concern expression, “What?” she asked. He sighted and started to read out the first sentence, “To the nurse that saved my lift two years”, Wilma looked back at March as she tried to remember two years ago but couldn’t, “Continue reading please March” she asked with a worried face as she stroked the baby wolf ear as March nodded in agreement, “I can’t thank you enough for saving me on that day, Finding me near the hospital and taking me there and if you weren’t there then I won’t be here now but old habits and my old life caught up with me and dragged me back.” March stopped reading half way and handed Wilma the letter, “It’s best for you to read it then for me to tell you” He stood behind her as she continues reading it in her mind while she held the infant. “Its effects have taken its toll over me as I continue to live for now a limited amount I have until I die from it so from the last couple of months I secretly following you and taking to build up the courage to talk to you again but I couldn’t let you see the state I was in so I kept my distance.” Wilma stopped reading and gave March the baby wolf as she sat down holding the letter and resume reading it in her head while mouthing the last part, “As you wondering now about the child you have now, that my baby boy whom I letting you and whoever you with choose his name, I doing this as I didn’t want social services to take him into foster care for god unknown reasons so please look after him for me and lastly if you wondering who I’m am, My name is Nessie” Wilma just sat there in shook at the letter before March placed his hand on her shoulders to comfort her, “I can’t think of anything to say about this” he spoke softly to her which she turned to face him and then the baby wolf who was sleeping in March arms, “Well I thought about we call the police but then they might call social services and that against Nessie wishes” she took hold the baby wolf up from March arms.

It was an hour of discussing about what just happening and what they going to do, “March, I think we should look after him” she looked at him as he scratched his neck in uncertainly but he shrugged, “I still don’t know babe but I willing to look after him as long you happy to” he looked at the infant before going upstairs leaving Wilma cradling the baby wolf which opened his eyes to see his new mother and sniffed her before giggling, “Awwww, you smiling” she talking childly to him before March came back down with a black shirt with a 45 number on it back, “So you awake then” he asked him when he saw them smiling, “So thought of any names,” He asked as he stood next to Wilma, “What about your grandfather?”. March looked at her funny before speaking his mind, “We not naming him Vailand, and we not calling him after your grandfather as he doesn’t look like a Oscar either” he rubbed the baby wolf nose which his laughed before he grabbed March hand, “Heh, He likes you dear so that a good start, hmmm wait I got it, we call him Roman” she lifted Roman up in the air and hug him over her shoulder, “So Roman Flint it is then babe” March had to surrender his hand to Roman as he still held on it when Wilma lifted him up over her shoulder, “Well looks like tomorrow I got to go get him a bed and some toys” he pretended to fight to get his hand off from Roman hand but the baby wolf just giggled before he yawned and closed his left eye for a second, “I think he getting tired already” He notified Wilma, “Oh I forgot I had this” he moved some of the take away tins off the kitchen table and laid down the black shirt, “I thought it might suit him” He chuckled but Wilma just smiled and wrapped Roman in the shirt which was somewhat large for him and made her way to the stairs. “Time to put the little one to sleep” she warmly smiled at Roman, “Even though I don’t know how long you slept”. March watched her walk up the stairs to their room and he hear some movement before it went quiet, just leaving him downstairs to clean up the kitchen and double check every door and window was locked before going upstairs an hour later to check on them. only to see an improvised cot made from their bedcovers and Wilma laying down next to it stroking Roman hand who was sleeping in the cot, his fluffy tail waggled as he slept. “Everything locked Wilma” March whispered as he neared her and Roman, “I see he settled well”. She smirked as she looked at him before letting go of Roman hand and got off the bed where she and March stood outside of their bedroom with March crossed his arms, “I guessing I’m sleeping on the sofa” he uncrossed his arms to rubbed his neck while he looked at Wilma who just every few seconds look at Roman, “No, you sleep on the floor next to me so I kept an eye of you and him during the night”. As they prepared for the first night as parents, Wilma was mostly looking after Roman as he slept while March grabbed the spare duvets and pillows.

During the night while March slept on the bedroom floor with three cover over him, Wilma was still up as she sat on the bed looking both Roman on her left and March on the right. She smiled warmly at them until she saw Roman moving uncomfortable and slowly making noises while she picked him up and slowly rocked him as she walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen where she hummed some random tunes to smooth him, “It okay Roman shh shh” she calmly spoke until she saw again the shadow again in the kitchen window, it appearance was a small frame and was shaking badly, “Hello Nessie” she said as she unlocked the kitchen door so the shadow could enter if they wanted too, “Hello again” the fragile voice replied as they entered to reveal a shaky and very ill female wolf in her early twenties and stood there looking at Wilma and Roman, “Please have a seat Nessie” she asked as she too sat down. Nessie weakly nodded as she took the seat and smiled at them, “So should we start?” she asked Nessie as she wanted to know more about her and why she chosen the choices she has done from her point of view, As they talked thought the remaindered of the night into the early hours of the dawn, Nessie gave Wilma the answers to her in the best way she could answer and slowly stood up on her feet as she was ready to leave, “Wilma, I got to go now and thank you so much” some tears were forming underneath Nessie eyes as she was about to walk, “Before you go, would you like to hug Roman if you like” Wilma tried to delay her as she stood up while she held Roman over her shoulder, “You sure?” Nessie was unsure to hold Roman but she walked to Wilma as she carefully took Roman and hold him in her arms for a few moments, “Roman, suits him very well” she moved her head to one side as she coughed badly, movement was heard while startled Nessie and she quickly gave Roman back to Wilma, “That just my husband readjusting his sleeping position” she chuckled but felt bad for it when she took Roman back into her arms, “Nessie can you do something for me?” Nessie looked at her as she stood next to kitchen doorway, “Please go to the hospital as you still have time”. Nessie shook her head in disagreement, “I can’t as what I have and what I done, it will take too long” she nearly closed the door before continuing her sentence, “And thank you again Wilma for this, I remember this until I’m gone. Goodbye” she closed the door before Wilma had a chance of replying back. Wilma just stood there looking at the kitchen door for a few minutes before she looked down at the floor then at Roman who just goggled at her and nuzzled his head on her shoulder, “Goodbye then Nessie” she sadly spoke out before walking back to the her bedroom to see March still asleep in an odd position before kneeing down and lay next to him while having Roman on the other side of her where she nuzzled his nose with her finger, “Roman Ness Flint” she whispered as she slowly smiled as her eyes slowly closed, “We will look after and raise you as our own, Like your mother asked me too”. She moved him closer to her as she moved her arm under his head and moved some of the covers over them both. “We look after you” her last words she spoke to him before they both fell asleep an hour before March woke up.

Something different then I wanted to submit but as I continue to write it, the more I liked this idea so I hope you like this story too.
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