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Citizens of piltover cried in panic as building explode from missiles from nowhere and a mad crackling laughing echoed from the chaos, As the citizens run away from the chaos, Poharan a loli type girl with a split hair of black and white was making her way thought the crowds while smiling. Carrying her Rattlecaster that looked massive to her small frame she soon was in a clear viewing of a responsible of the chaos. A blue pony-haired woman by the name of Jinx was watching her work unfold around her while holding on to her minigun Pow-Pow and her rocker laucher Fishbones strapped to her back as she smiled before seeing the split hair coloured looking at her.

Jinx: Hmmmm
Poharan: Are you the one that caused all of this?
Jinx: Yeah, why you enjoying the show
Poharan: *No answer*
Jinx: Anyway I’m bored so I’m gonna go, See ya

Poharan steadied her Rattlecaster at Jinx who smiled at her as she aimed Pow-Pow at her

Jinx: Did Fathands or her friend send you to stop my fun?
Poharan: Don’t know them so no but I’m am going to take that mini-gun of yours though
Jinx: *Smiles at her* Not if I get you first and take that cool gun of your first

You not going to live to regret this!

Poharan uses Bunny hop to get closer to Jinx


At the 58 second mark, Jinx tries to get the first few shots with Pow-Pow at Poharan but get sent in the air by her Shoot em up ability and received a barricade of bullets before landing on the grounds and Poharan slowly whirl her Rattlecaster to use Suppressed Fire to continue her assault on the Loose cannon. Poharan ended her Suppressed fire as the cloud of dust and litter blocked her view on Jinx at the 50 second mark but soon get Jinx Zap ability as her reward and stunning her for a brief period which Jinx had enough time to switcharoo to Fishbones and send Poharan flying to a destroyed building wall. 36 seconds left on the timer as Jinx runs up to Poharan and throws her flaming chomps at her while Poharan countered by launching her blitz grenade at Jinx which they both get caught by each other explosions. 27 seconds remains on the timer as both are heavily injured but both of them still standing and both whirled up their mini-guns and begin to fire at each other but all of their bullets were blocked by the other bullets, Jinx grinned while Poharan was focusing. 13 seconds left and both wanting to win where they pulled out their ultras at each other. Poharan quickly jumps back and begin to set up her ultra BRATATATAT just at the 10 second mark just at the same time Jinx launched Super mega death rocket at her. The consent stream of bullets was slowing the rocket down and heavily damaging it at the same time but just the time round down to the last 3 seconds rounding down to zero the rocket exploded and blast radius from the rocket send both of them flying into the surrounding debris of the destroyed building of Piltover.


Both unconscious bodies of Jinx and Poharan was founded an hour later in the rubble by Vi and Caitlyn as they wonder what just happened here but they were being watched by someone up on the rooftop, waiting for their time to strike at the duo.

Winner: Draw!

Song: I really don't know what be a good song for this made-up battle. Be a mix of their music videos? or some fast techno metal.
This is something fun to do and silly to write up.
The original idea was for Jinx to face Junkrat from Overwatch but it felt kinda off so I looked up other characters and I saw Poharan from the hit game Soul & Blade also Master x Master.
Jinx (c) Riot
Poharan (c) Soul & Blade
One Minute Melee (c) Hyun Dojo/Hyper Gauge
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March 17
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