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A little something different to change the journal I had showing around on my profile for awhile and well I seen other people do this type of list with their favourites films, TV series, Animes, Cartoons and games etc. So why not I have a try with my favourites and the reason why I liked them. Also sorry for anyone who don't like animes to see this Sweating a little... 

10. Flint the Time Detective
The first ever Anime I've watched when I was in primary school and honestly I didn't know what was a anime at that time but this series was goofy and kinda daft yet enjoyable to watch, It was about a prehistoric father and son who firstly got turned into fossil and years later Flint got resurrected into the future while his father was left sentient and in a form of a rock until he got fashioned into a hammer for Flint to use in battle to save creatures called Time-shifters from the dark lord and his henchmen. It was similar to Pokémon and Digimon but I saw them after I watched this.

9. Highschool of the Dead
My love for zombies has brought me to watch this anime and well if you can why I stopping here then you must of seen this as well XD.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh and DX
My most favourite anime series I love to watch over and over again if i could and so far the only series that i got the cards and some of the games to play over the years. I really hope that the new series improve as I don't like the new systems even though I read the rules for them.

An 3D anime from the Youtube channel Roosterteeth and I manage to the whole series in one setting, Created by the late Mounty Oum and how many people loved the characters he created, the storyline he written and the layout for all of it to be enjoyed. And yes there a spin off series called RWBY Chibi that I seen too but only a few episodes.

6. One Piece
I going to admit here that I only seen a handful of the series and played a demo of their latest game to understand the series storyline but yet I liked that characters that the series introduced to me and how unique they are plus I want Chopper's hat.

5. Monster Ranchers
Another classic I seen when I was in Primary school, How a kid got teleported into a land filled with monsters and how he befriended a one eyed blob, a stone guardian and a blue hair wolf. I really hope they reboot this series and keep all of the main elements they have when I first watched it.

4. Black Lagoon
Now this anime is a action packed foul mouthed women with guns of all sorted including a eye patched wearing nun with a golden desert eagle that defends her corrupted church, this was a excitement series to watch four times over though I did have to skip two episodes. This series had dark, sad, funny or some sense of romance moments during it's three series and I'm looking forward to see them making more series when they decided to do so.

3. Street fighter Alpha
Okay this a anime film but still counts as I like Capcom and enjoy playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 and sometimes Street Fighter 5. The storyline for this anime was good, The characters were themselves like their videogame counterparts unlike the live action film of the same name. I really looking forward to seeing the latest Street Fighter anime they released a while back as i didn't see it yet.

2. Hellsing and Hellsing OVA
I watched this anime over 5 times and I still enjoy watching it apart from the seeing the enemies uniforms, While they differ from the each other, it was good anime and shame when i seen the last episode as i wanted it to continue with Sera now living her live as a full Draculina with Pip as her Familiar.

1. Tokyo Ghoul
The Anime so far that I actually understand the ghouls POV on the humans and how they try to live their lives among them while the CCG try to kill them. I love the characters designs and personas they have while not only that, their ghoul forms and limbs that divide them from each other so no two ghouls are the same. As for I know, Tokyo Ghoul √A is the second series of the anime and Tokyo Ghoul re:jack is yet to be turned into a series.

There you go, my top ten Animes I enjoyed watching and rewatching. There was other's like Corpse party, Another, The famous Pokémon and Digmon series, Duel masters, Rosario vampire and code Lyoko but I just wanted to put the most enjoyable ones I really liked.
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Heirko Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Student General Artist
Tokyo Ghoul!!! Yeees
Paitent115 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That Anime series was good
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