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Almir: Today we be introducing Ddraig, the latest heister that be joining the Payday crew

Ddraig the only heister so far to bring a second weapon with him, The Type 14 Nambu pistol. This world war 2 Japanese pistol is good to take out enemies up close and personal.

To deal with more armoured enemies Ddraig also brings with him the MTs-255 shotgun, this 5-round gauge shotgun can clear out a room within two shots and still have three round left to spare. This high damage and quick reload shotgun can also take out a bulldozer will all five rounds.

In addition of Ddraig, he comes with a perk deck called:


This perk deck focus all on protecting one member of your team and trade armour for more damage. Good for mid points and end parts of heists or to keep the important member of your team alive.

First perk: Family of Hydra

Family of Hydra has two abilities, the first ability allows the player to gain 10% of their teammate chosen perk decks but it doesn’t stack if the other players have the Guardian perk deck. The second ability let the player to outline the teammate that they want to protect and sacrifice 15% of their armour to that teammate in return of 10% more damage. The player can also change their chosen teammate at any time.

Third perk: Treasure Keeper

Treasure Keeper grant the player to hold their ground against enemies and most importantly Cloakers from knock back as long as the player is carrying loot, this perk also grant 5% reload speed and damage.

Fifth perk: Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw allows the player to give their chosen teammate 10% more armour in return of 10% more damage and can also affects the melee weapon that the player is using and that melee weapon gains that extra amount of damage.

Seventh perk: Taking Flight

Taking Flight does something different. The lower the health the player has, the quicker the player can sprint discarding the body armour the player is using.

Eighth perk: Of Beast & Man

Of Beast & Man allows the player to give their chosen teammate 75% of their armour in return of 45% more damage and grants the player to stay alive for 1 minutes after all their health is fully depleted. 

Almir: Try to experiment with other player perk decks that help increase your survival abilities while keeping  your teammates alive with that sacrificed extra armour and when push comes to shove, hold your ground with that extra firepower and powerful melee strikes.

The Perk Deck for Ddraig role in Payday 2.
I made the guardian role in the theme of dragons as how they can be either hoarders, protectors or fighters.
Ddraig & the Perk deck is (c) to Paitent115
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Or a combo of Grinder, Gambler & Biker.
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January 6, 2017
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